Stone linen with Large All Stars (Heavy Rain) linen lined lampshade

Stone linen with Large All Stars (Heavy Rain) linen lined lampshade

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With our love for countryside inspired flora, fabulous fabrics and textures, our beautiful range of lined lampshades are made using gorgeous linens including these ones from Peony & Sage on the outside and lined with fabulous linen fabric too.

This design uses a stone plain linen on the outside with gorgeous large All Stars line from Peony & Sage for the lining. The All Stars are stone on heavy rain background - a beautiful match with the stone linen outer fabric covering. These two linens together make a stunning standout lampshade ~ a beautiful interior accessory. This lined shade has a fresh, contemporary, feel and looks fabulous used for a bedside or table lamp or great as a large ceiling pendant light too.

Other bespoke sizes are available, please let me know if you are looking for a larger size than the ones listed.

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Handmade items

With some of the individually produced items that use natural materials there can be some slight variations and imperfections. The wooden boxes and trays that we purchase directly from our supplier’s workshop may vary very slightly in size too. When using natural linen fabrics you will also often find slubs or perhaps small knots - these imperfections are a part of using a natural product such as linen. We feel though that these often add to the item’s beauty and character.