Adding an extra personal touch with gift giving

Every time i get to wrap up an order to send out to a customer it gets me thinking about whether that item is a treat for the buyer, a gift to give to someone for a special occasion or perhaps a surprise present. I love knowing that something I have either made or sourced is going to be given for someone else to hopefully enjoy.

I do sometimes get to know if it is a special gift, particularly when our lovely hand finished, fabric lined boxes are ordered. More often than not I am asked to personalised these for the recipient in some way. Usually that involves a name being added to the lid, but also often the customer and I chat about what sort of colours, lining and any theme they may like me to incorporate. I feel very privileged to be asked to make these personalised gifts.

Since starting up The Pink Pheasant, I have made boxes for all sorts of occasions and customers, including retirements, birthdays, anniversaries, christenings, pets, school leavers or just as a personalised and practical gift to decorate someone’s desk or dressing table. As well as names that are added to some of the boxes, I have also used linings and paint colours to make it more personal to the recipient, such as military flags used to line the box, fabrics that reflect the person’s school colours, fabric prints and decorations that show off the person’s hobbies, pets or jobs.

I love being able to add that extra personal touch to the boxes I make, and because I hand finish them all, each and every box is unique. Even when there isn’t a request to have a specific name or bespoke lining for the box, I always add a little something before it is packaged and sent that makes that box individual for that customer.

I am always happy to discuss specific bespoke requests for many of the items i make. As well as the keepsake boxes, I can also personalised some of the jewellery available in the online shop. Do get in touch if you would like to chat more about our personalised and bespoke gifts.